We bring challenger thinking and
behaviour to ambitious brands.

We are a strategic brand and innovation consultancy, working in partnership with eatbigfish, the Global Challenger Authority.

We believe in a Challenger mindset:

A brand whose ambitions exceed its resources, which holds a strong set of beliefs, and changes the rules of the game to succeed.

An alternative approach to success

Strategy and reality

Strategy and reality working hand in hand

We create solutions through analysis and structured creativity that can be implemented. We apply our proven Challenger methods to your brand.

Brand Strategy
Cultural transformation

Actionable tools

Actionable tools to make it real

Unique tools and deliverables developed over the last 15 years by the eatbigfish team and successfully implemented on hundreds of projects.

Unique Exercises
Own methodology
Tailored content from the Challenger Project


Workshops to build the future together

Our method is based on facilitated workshops and a collaborative approach. We work side by side with clients, stakeholders and entire organisations.

Brand & Identity

Our projects

Natura Bissé

Olivo Rojo Project - Natura Bissé

Beauty & Go

Olivo Rojo Project - Beauty & Go

A global minded team to bring
you an alternative perspective

A team, who together, have over 100 years of experience in multinationals, research institutes and brand agencies.
We have lived and worked all over the world. We provide a global perspective to projects with the accent and culture from Barcelona.
We’re an agile and flexible team. We’ll adapt our method to your specific needs.

Olivo Rojo SL - eatbigfish partnership

In partnership with eatbigfish,
the Global Challenger Authority

Founded by Adam Morgan after the publication of the book Eating the Big Fish - the work that coined the term "Challenger brand" - eatbigfish has been working since 1999 in the UK and USA with companies that want to apply the Challenger mentality to achieve success.

The eatbigfish team started The Challenger Project 15 years ago, a lively and ever-evolving study on the most successful Challenger brands on the market.

In olivorojo we have started the study of Spanish and Latam brands. We want to bring the Hispanic accent to the Challenger project.